Technical Reports

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TRTitleApproval Year/MonthWork Area
TR-426NG-PON2 TC Layer Interoperability Test Plan2018/12Fiber Access Networks
TR-423PON PMD Layer Conformance Test Plan2019/01Fiber Access Networks
TR-416CloudCO Use Cases and Scenarios2018/05SDN and NFV
TR-413SDN Management and Control Interfaces for CloudCO Network Functions2018/12SDN and NFV
TR-403PON Abstraction Interface Specifications2018/12Fiber Access Networks
TR-402Functional Model for PON Abstraction Interface2018/10Fiber Access Networks
TR-400Testing of Bonded, Multi-Pair Systems2018/05Physical Layer Transmission
TR-398Wi-Fi In-Premises Performance Testing2019/02Physical Layer Transmission, Broadband User Services
TR-390Performance Measurement from IP Edge to Customer Equipment using TWAMP Light2017/05Architecture and Migration
TR-384Cloud Central Office (CloudCO) Reference Architectural Framework2018/01SDN and NFV
TR-386Fixed Access Network Sharing - Access Network Sharing Interfaces2019/01SDN and NFV
TR-383Common YANG Modules for Access Networks2017/05Common YANG
TR-383 Amendment 1Common YANG Modules for Access Networks2018/06Common YANG
TR-383 Amendment 2Common YANG Modules for Access Networks2018/12Common YANG
TR-374YANG modules for management of systems in FTTdp architectures2018/06Common YANG Vector of Profiles (VoP) Managed Object Structure2016/07Fiber to the Distribution Point
TR-370Fixed Access Network Sharing - Architecture and Nodal Requirements2017/11SDN and NFV
TR-369User Services Platform (USP)
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TR-369 - 2018/03
TR-369 Corrigendum 1 - 2018/08
TR-369 Corrigendum 2 - 2018/11
2018/11Broadband User Services
TR-359A Framework for Virtualization2016/10Architecture and Migration
TR-352Multi-wavelength PON Inter-Channel-Termination Protocol (ICTP) Specification2017/03Fiber Access Networks
TR-356Alternate Management Path for Broadband2016/10Broadband User Services
TR-355YANG Modules for FTTdp Management2016/07Fiber to the Distribution Point
TR-355 Amendment 1YANG Modules for FTTdp Management2018/10Common YANG
TR-355 Corrigendum 2YANG Modules for FTTdp Management2017/11Common YANG
TR-355 Corrigendum 1YANG Modules for FTTdp Management2017/03Fiber to the Distribution Point
TR-350 Issue 2Ethernet Services using BGP MPLS Based Ethernet VPNs (EVPN)2018/10Routing and Transport
TR-350Ethernet Services using BGP MPLS Based Ethernet VPNs (EVPN)2015/11Routing and Transport
TR-349DSL Data Sharing2016/07Architecture and Migration
TR-348Hybrid Access Broadband Network Architecture2016/07Wireline-Wireless Convergence
TR-347CPE SELT (Single-End Line Testing) Calibration2018/06Physical Layer Transmission
TR-345Broadband Network Gateway and Network Function Virtualization2016/10Architecture and Migration
TR-341Radius Attributes Catalog2016/07Wireline-Wireless Convergence
TR-338Reverse Power Feed Testing2018/07Physical Layer Transmission
TR-331Architecture and Technical Requirements for PON-Based Mobile Backhaul Networks2018/03Fiber Access Networks
TR-330TR-069 UPnP DM Proxy Management Guidelines2015/08BroadbandHome
TR-328Virtual Business Gateway2017/07SDN and NFV
TR-321Public Wi-Fi Access in Multi-service Broadband Networks2015/11Architecture and Migration
TR-320Techniques to Mitigate Uncancelled Crosstalk on Vectored VDSL2 Lines2014/03Metallic Transmission
TR-319 Part BAchieving Packet Network Optimization using DWDM Interfaces - Physically Separated Model2016/04Routing and Transport
TR-319 Part AAchieving Packet Network Optimization using DWDM Interfaces - Physically Integrated Model2015/06IPMPLS & Core
TR-319 BaseAchieving Packet Network Optimization using DWDM Interfaces2015/06IPMPLS & Core
TR-317Network Enhanced Residential Gateway2016/07Architecture and Migration
TR-311Fiber Infrastructure Management System: Architecture and Requirements2015/02Operations & Network Management
TR-309 Issue 2XG-PON and XGS-PON TC Layer Interoperability Test Plan2018/12Fiber Access Networks
TR-309XG-PON1 TC Layer Interoperability Test Plan2013/09Fiber Access Networks
TR-304Broadband Access Service Attributes and Performance Metrics2015/02End to End Architecture
TR-301 Issue 2 Corrigendum 1Architecture and Requirements for Fiber to the Distribution Point2019/03Access and Transport Architecture
TR-301 Issue 2Architecture and Requirements for Fiber to the Distribution Point2017/03Fiber To The Distribution Point
TR-301Architecture and Requirements for Fiber to the Distribution Point2015/08Fiber Access Network
TR-300Policy Convergence for Next Generation Fixed and 3GPP Wireless Networks2014/09End to End Architecture
TR-298 Issue 2Management model for DSL line test2017/03Fiber to the Distribution Point
TR-298Management model for DSL line test2013/09Operations & Network Management
TR-296IPv6 Transition Mechanisms Test Plan2013/11End to End Architecture
TR-293Energy Efficient Mobile Backhaul2014/09IPMPLS & Core
TR-292Abstract Test Suite For MPLS OAM2015/06IPMPLS & Core
TR-291Nodal Requirements for Interworking between Next Generation Fixed and 3GPP Wireless Access2014/03End to End Architecture
TR-287 Issue 2PON Optical-Layer Management2017/09Fiber Access Networks
TR-287PON Optical-Layer Management2014/06Fiber Access Network
TR-286 Amendment 1Testing of Metallic Line Testing (MELT) functionality on xDSL Ports2014/03Metallic Transmission
TR-286Testing of Metallic Line Testing (MELT) functionality on xDSL Ports2012/11Metallic Transmission
TR-285 Amendment 1Broadband Copper Cable Models2017/03Physical Layer Transmission
TR-285 Corrigendum 1Broadband Copper Cable Models2015/11Physical Layer Transmission
TR-285Broadband Copper Cable Models2015/02Metallic Transmission
TR-280ITU-T PON in the context of TR-1782016/10Fiber Access Networks
TR-273 Corrigendum 1Testing of Bonded, Multi-Pair xDSL Systems2014/09Metallic Transmission
TR-273Testing of Bonded, Multi-Pair xDSL Systems2012/08Metallic Transmission
TR-273 Amendment 1Testing of Bonded, Multi-Pair xDSL Systems2016/10Physical Layer Transmission
TR-272BBF and TMF xDSL Management Specifications Alignment2012/11Operations & Network Management
TR-262Femto Component Objects2011/11BroadbandHome
TR-260 Issue 2DCF functional and performance Test Plan2012/11Operations & Network Management
TR-260DCF functional and performance Test Plan2011/11Operations & Network Management
TR-255GPON Interoperability Test Plan2013/02Fiber Access Network
TR-254Functionality Tests for Ethernet Based Access Nodes2012/07End to End Architecture
TR-252 Issue 3xDSL Protocol-Independent Management Model2013/11Operations & Network Management
TR-252 Issue 2xDSL Protocol-Independent Management Model2012/05Operations & Network Management
TR-252xDSL Protocol-Independent Management Model2010/11Operations & Network Management
TR-249 Amendment 1Testing of G.993.2 Self-FEXT Cancellation (vectoring)2014/09Metallic Transmission
TR-249Testing of G.993.2 Self-FEXT Cancellation (vectoring)2014/03Metallic Transmission
TR-248/ATP-248 (IP/MPLS FORUM 23.0.0)Abstract Test Suite for TDM Services over MPLS2010/02IPMPLS & Core
TR-247/ATP-247Abstract Test Plan for GPON ONU Conformance2011/10Fiber Access Network
TR-242 Issue 2IPv6 Transition Mechanisms for Broadband Networks2015/02End to End Architecture
TR-242IPv6 Transition Mechanisms for Broadband Networks2012/08End to End Architecture
TR-232Bulk Data Collection2012/05BroadbandHome
TR-226XML Layered and Performance Parameters In Support of TR-1692010/11Operations & Network Management
TR-224Technical Specification for MPLS in Carrier Ethernet Networks2014/09IPMPLS & Core
TR-223Requirements for MPLS over Aggregated Interfaces (MPLSoAI)2012/08IPMPLS & Core
TR-221 Corrigendum 1Technical Specifications for MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks2014/09IPMPLS & Core
TR-221 Amendment 1Technical Specifications for MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks2013/11IPMPLS & Core
TR-221Technical Specifications for MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks2011/10IPMPLS & Core
TR-221 Amendment 2Technical Specifications for MPLS in Mobile Backhaul Networks2017/09Routing & Transport
TR-208 Issue 2Performance Test Plan For In-premises Powerline Communication Systems2017/03Physical Layer Transmission
TR-208Performance Test Plan For In-premises Powerline Communication Systems2015/08Metallic Transmission
TR-207 Layer 2 Control Mechanism For Broadband Multi- Service Architectures part II2012/11End to End Architecture
TR-203Interworking between Next Generation Fixed and 3GPP Wireless Networks2012/08End to End Architecture
TR-202ADSL2/ADSL2plus Low-Power Mode Guidelines2010/02Metallic Transmission
TR-200 Corrigendum 1Using EPON in the Context of TR-1012011/07Fiber Access Network
TR-198 Issue 2DQS: DQM systems functional architecture and requirements2012/11Operations & Network Management
TR-198DQS: DQM systems functional architecture and requirements2010/09Operations & Network Management
TR-197 Issue 2DQS: DSL Quality Management Techniques and Nomenclature2014/12Operations & Network Management
TR-197DQS: DSL Quality Management Techniques and Nomenclature2012/08Operations & Network Management
TR-196 Issue 2Femto Access Point Service Data Model2011/11BroadbandHome
TR-196 Amendment 1Femto Access Point Service Data Model2011/05BroadbandHome
TR-196Femto Access Point Service Data Model2009/04BroadbandHome
TR-188 Issue 2 DSL Quality Suite2012/11Operations & Network Management
TR-188DSL Quality Suite2010/11Operations & Network Management
TR-187 Issue 2IPv6 for PPP Broadband Access2013/02End to End Architecture
TR-187IPv6 for PPP Broadband Access2010/05End to End Architecture
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 12Device Data Model2018/05Broadband User Services
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 11Device Data Model for TR-0692016/08Broadband User Services
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 10Device Data Model for TR-0692015/11Broadband User Services
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 08Device Data Model for TR-0692014/09BroadbandHome
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 07Device Data Model for TR-0692013/11BroadbandHome
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 06Device Data Model for TR-0692012/11BroadbandHome
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 05Device Data Model for TR-0692012/05BroadbandHome
TR-181 Issue 2 Amendment 02Device Data Model for TR-0692011/02BroadbandHome
TR-181 Issue 2Device Data Model for TR-0692010/05BroadbandHome
TR-181Device Data Model for TR-0692010/02BroadbandHome
TR-178 Issue 2Multi-service Broadband Network Architecture and Nodal Requirements2017/09Fiber Access Networks
TR-178Multi-service Broadband Network Architecture and Nodal Requirements2014/09End to End Architecture
TR-177 Corrigendum 1IPv6 in the context of TR-1012017/11Architecture and Migration
TR-177IPv6 in the context of TR-1012010/11End to End Architecture
TR-176ADSL2Plus Configuration Guidelines for IPTV2008/09Operations & Network Management
TR-169EMS to NMS Interface Requirements for Access Nodes Supporting TR-1012008/11Operations & Network Management
TR-167 Issue 3GPON-fed TR-101 Ethernet Access Node2017/09Fiber Access Networks
TR-167 Issue 2GPON-fed TR-101 Ethernet Access Node2010/09Fiber Access Network
TR-165Vector of Profiles2009/03Operations & Network Management
TR-160IPTV Performance Monitoring2010/11Operations & Network Management
TR-159Management Framework for xDSL Bonding2008/12Operations & Network Management
TR-157 Amendment 10Component Objects for CWMP2015/11Broadband User Services
TR-157 Amendment 05Component Objects for CWMP2011/11BroadbandHome
TR-157 Amendment 03Component Objects for CWMP2010/11BroadbandHome
TR-157 Amendment 02Component Objects for CWMP2010/05BroadbandHome
TR-157 Amendment 01Component Objects for CWMP2009/09BroadbandHome
TR-157Component Objects for CWMP2009/03BroadbandHome
TR-156 Issue 4Using GPON Access in the context of TR-1012017/11Fiber Access Network
TR-156 Issue 3Using GPON Access in the context of TR-1012012/11Fiber Access Network
TR-156 Issue 2Using GPON Access in the context of TR-1012010/09Fiber Access Network
TR-155 Issue 2GPON ONU requirements for CPE2017/09Fiber Access Networks
TR-155GPON ONU requirements for CPE2011/05BroadbandHome
TR-154TR-069 Data Model XML User Guide2012/03BroadbandHome
TR-147Layer 2 Control Mechanism For Broadband Multi-Service Architectures2008/12End to End Architecture
TR-146Subscriber Sessions2013/05End to End Architecture
TR-145Multi-service Broadband Network Functional Modules and Architecture2012/11End to End Architecture
TR-144Broadband Multi-Service Architecture & Framework Requirements2007/08End to End Architecture
TR-143 Amendment 1 Corrigendum 1Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring2015/08BroadbandHome
TR-143 Amendment 1Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring2014/12BroadbandHome
TR-143 Corrigendum 1Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring2008/12BroadbandHome
TR-143Enabling Network Throughput Performance Tests and Statistical Monitoring2008/05BroadbandHome
TR-142 Issue 3Framework for TR-069 enabled PON Devices2017/09Fiber Access Networks
TR-142 Issue 2Framework for TR-069 enabled PON Devices2010/02BroadbandHome
TR-142Framework for TR-069 enabled PON devices2008/03BroadbandHome
TR-141Protocol Independent Management Model for Access Nodes Supporting TR-1012007/08Operations & Network Management
TR-140 Issue 1.1TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices2007/12BroadbandHome
TR-140 Amendment 1TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices2010/04BroadbandHome
TR-140 Amendment 3TR-069 Data Model for Storage Service Enabled Devices2017/05Broadband User Services
TR-138 Corrigendum 1Accuracy Tests for Test Parameters2010/04Metallic Transmission
TR-138 Amendment 1Accuracy Tests for Test Parameters2014/09Metallic Transmission
TR-138Accuracy Tests for Test Parameters2009/11Metallic Transmission
TR-135 Amendment 3Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB2012/11BroadbandHome
TR-135 Amendment 1Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB2010/11BroadbandHome
TR-135Data Model for a TR-069 Enabled STB2007/12BroadbandHome
TR-134 Corrigendum 1Broadband Policy Control Framework (BPCF)2013/01End to End Architecture
TR-133 Corrigendum 1 TR-064 Extensions for Service Differentiation2015/08BroadbandHome
TR-131 Amendment 1ACS Northbound Interface Requirements2015/08BroadbandHome
TR-131ACS Northbound Interface Requirements2009/11BroadbandHome
TR-130xDSL EMS to NMS Interface Funtional Requirements2006/12Operations & Network Management
TR-129Protocol-Independent Management Model for Next Generation DSL Technologies2006/12Operations & Network Management
TR-128Addendum to TR-0902006/09Operations & Network Management
TR-127 Issue 2 Corrigendum 1Dynamic Testing of Splitters and In-Line Filters with xDSL Transceivers2012/11Metallic Transmission
TR-127 Issue 2 Dynamic Testing of Splitters and In-Line Filters with xDSL Transceivers2011/05Metallic Transmission
TR-127 Corrigendum 1Dynamic Testing of Splitters and In-Line Filters with xDSL Transceivers2010/04Metallic Transmission
TR-127Dynamic Testing of Splitters and In-Line Filters with xDSL Transceivers2009/05Metallic Transmission
TR-126Triple-Play Services Quality of Experience (QoE) Requirements2006/12End to End Architecture
TR-124 Issue 5Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices2016/07Broadband User Services
TR-124 Issue 4Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices2014/09BroadbandHome
TR-124 Issue 3Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices2012/08BroadbandHome
TR-124 Issue 2Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices2010/05BroadbandHome
TR-124Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices2006/12BroadbandHome
TR-122 Amendment 1Base Requirements for Consumer-Oriented Analog Terminal Adapter Functionality2006/12BroadbandHome
TR-120ADSL2/ADSL2plus Loop Characteristics2007/05Metallic Transmission
TR-117Broadband Trouble Reporting2007/12Operations & Network Management
TR-115 Issue 3 Amendment 1VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2018/05Physical Layer Transmission
TR-115 Issue 3VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2016/01Physical Layer Transmission
TR-115 Issue 2 Corrigendum 2VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2014/06Metallic Transmission
TR-115 Issue 2 Corrigendum 1VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2014/03Metallic Transmission
TR-115 Issue 2 Amendment 1VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2013/05Metallic Transmission
TR-115 Issue 2VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2012/07Metallic Transmission
TR-115 Corrigendum 2VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2011/02Metallic Transmission
TR-115 Corrigendum 1VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2010/03Metallic Transmission
TR-115VDSL2 Functionality Test Plan2009/11Metallic Transmission
TR-114 Issue 3 Amendment 4VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2018/06Physical Layer Transmission
TR-114 Issue 3 Amendment 2VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2018/05Physical Layer Transmission
TR-114 Issue 3 Amendment 1VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2017/05Physical Layer Transmission
TR-114 Issue 3VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2017/03Physical Layer Transmission
TR-114 Issue 2VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2012/11Metallic Transmission
TR-114 Corrigendum 2VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2010/04Metallic Transmission
TR-114 Corrigendum 1VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2010/03Metallic Transmission
TR-114VDSL2 Performance Test Plan2009/11Metallic Transmission
TR-113MCM Specific Managed Objects in VDSL Network Element2005/12Operations & Network Management
TR-110 Issue 1.01DSLHomeTM Reference Models for VoIP Configurations in the DSL Home2005/12BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 8Data Model Template for CWMP Endpoints and USP Agents2018/05Broadband User Services
TR-106 Amendment 7Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices2013/09BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 6Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices2011/07BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 5Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices2010/11BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 4Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices2010/02BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 3Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices2009/09BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 2Data Model Template for TR-069 Enabled Devices2008/11BroadbandHome
TR-106 Amendment 1Data Model Template for TR-069-Enabled Devices2006/11BroadbandHome
TR-106DSLHomeTM Data Model Template for TR-069 Enabled Devices2005/09BroadbandHome
TR-105 Issue 2 Amendment 2ADSL2/ADSL2plus Functionality Test Plan2015/06Metallic Transmission
TR-105 Issue 2 Amendment 1ADSL2/ADSL2plus Functionality Test Plan2013/05Metallic Transmission
TR-105 Issue 2ADSL2/ADSL2plus Functionality Test Plan2011/11Metallic Transmission
TR-105 Corrigendum 2ADSL2/2plus Functionality Test Plan2011/05Metallic Transmission
TR-105 Corrigendum 1ADSL2/2plus Functionality Test Plan2010/04Metallic Transmission
TR-105ADSL2/ADSL2plus Functionality Test Plan2010/02Metallic Transmission
TR-104 Issue 2Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE2014/03BroadbandHome
TR-104DSLHomeTM Provisioning Parameters for VoIP CPE2005/09BroadbandHome
TR-102Service Interface Requirements for TR-058 Architectures2005/12End to End Architecture
TR-101 Issue 2 Migration to Ethernet-Based Broadband Aggregation2011/07End to End Architecture
TR-100 Issue 3 Amendment 1ADSL2/ADSL2plus Performance Test Plan2015/02Metallic Transmission
TR-100 Issue 3ADSL2/ADSL2plus Performance Test Plan2014/09Metallic Transmission
TR-100 Issue 2ADSL2/ADSL2plus Performance Test Plan2012/08Metallic Transmission
TR-100 Corrigendum 1ADSL2/ADSL2plus Performance Test Plan 2008/03Metallic Transmission
TR-100ADSL2/ADSL2plus Performance Test Plan2007/03Metallic Transmission
TR-098 Amendment 2 Corrigendum 1Internet Gateway Device Data Model for TR-0692014/12BroadbandHome
TR-098 Amendment 2Internet Gateway Device Data Model for TR-0692008/09BroadbandHome
TR-098 Amendment 1Internet Gateway Device Data Model for TR-0692006/12BroadbandHome
TR-098DSLHomeTM Gateway Device Version 1.1 Data Model for TR-0692005/09BroadbandHome
TR-094Multi-Service Delivery Framework for Home Networks2004/08Architecture & Transport and DSLHome Technical
TR-092Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) Requirements Document2004/08End to End Architecture
TR-090Protocol Independent Object Model for Managing Next Generation ADSL Technologies2004/12Operations & Network Management
TR-070SCM Specific Managed Objects In VDSL Network Element2004/05Operations & Network Management
TR-069 Amendment 6CPE WAN Management Protocol2018/03Broadband User Services
TR-069 Amendment 5CPE WAN Management Protocol2013/11BroadbandHome
TR-069 Amendment 4CPE WAN Management Protocol2011/07BroadbandHome
TR-069 Amendment 3CPE WAN Management Protocol2010/11BroadbandHome
TR-069 Amendment 2CPE WAN Management Protocol v1.12007/12BroadbandHome
TR-069 Amendment 1CPE WAN Management Protocol2006/12BroadbandHome
TR-068 Issue 3Base Requirements for an ADSL Modem with Routing2006/12BroadbandHome
TR-068 Issue 2Base Requirements for an ADSL Modem with Routing2005/03BroadbandHome
TR-067 Issue 2ADSL Interoperability Test Plan2006/09Metallic Transmission
TR-067ADSL Interop Test Plan (Formerly TR-048)2004/05Metallic Transmission
TR-066ADSL Network Element Mgmt (Update to TR-005)2004/03Operations & Network Management
TR-065FS-VDSL EMS to NMS Interface Functional Requirements2004/03Operations & Network Management
TR-064 Issue 2LAN-Side CPE Configuration2015/08BroadbandHome
TR-064 Corrigendum 1LAN-Side DSL CPE Configuration2015/08BroadbandHome
TR-063Update to TR-0572003/11Operations & Network Management
TR-062Auto-Config for the Connection Between the DSL Broadband Network Termination (B-NT) and the Network using ATM (TR-037 update)2003/11Auto-Config
TR-061Interfaces and System Configurations for ADSL: Customer Premises2003/11End to End Architecture
TR-060 Issue 2Interop Test Plan for SHDSL2005/02Metallic Transmission
TR-059DSL Evolution - Architecture Requirements for the Support of QoS-Enabled IP Services2003/09End to End Architecture
TR-058Multi-Service Architecture & Framework Requirements2003/09End to End Architecture
TR-057VDSLNetwork Element Mgmt2003/02Operations & Network Management
TR-056Network Migration2003/02End to End Architecture
TR-055ICS for ANSI T1.421 In-line Filters2003/02Metallic Transmission
TR-054DSL Service Flow-Through Fulfillment Mgmt Overview2002/08Operations & Network Management
TR-053DSL Service Flow-Through Scenarios2002/08Operations & Network Management
TR-052DSL Service Flow-Through Fulfillment Mgmt Interface Addendum (DSL Anywhere)2002/08Operations & Network Management
TR-051DSL Specific Conventions for the ITU-T Q.822.1 Performance Mgmt Bulk Data File Structure2002/04Operations & Network Management
TR-050CORBA v2 for ADSL EMS-NMS Interface2002/04Operations & Network Management
TR-049VoDSL Interop Test Plan2002/05Metallic Transmission
TR-047DSL Service Flow-Through Fulfillment Mgmt Interface2002/03Operations & Network Management
TR-046Auto-Config: Architecture & Framework2002/02Auto-Config
TR-045PPP Static Interop Testing2002/03Metallic Transmission
TR-044Auto-Config for Basic Internet (IP-based) Services2001/12Auto-Config
TR-043Protocols at the U Interface for Accessing Data Networks using ATM/DSL2001/08End to End Architecture
TR-042ATM Transport over ADSL Recommendation (Update To TR-017)2001/08End to End Architecture
TR-041CORBA Specification for ADSL EMS-NMS Interface2001/06Operations & Network Management
TR-040Aspects of VDSL Evolution2001/06Emerging DSLs
TR-039Addendum to TR-036 Annex A; Requirements for Voice over DSL2001/03VoDSL
TR-037Network Mgmt & Operations: DSL CPE Auto-Configuration2001/03Operations & Network Management
TR-035Protocol Independent Object Model for ADSL EMS-NMS Interface2000/03Operations & Network Management
TR-034Proposal for an Alternative OAM Communications Channel Across the U Interface2000/05Operations & Network Management
TR-033ITU-T G.992.2 (G.lite) ICS2000/03Metallic Transmission
TR-032CPE Architecture Recommendations for Access to Legacy Data Networks2000/03ATM Mode
TR-031ADSL ANSI T1.413 - 2001 Conformance Testing2000/03Metallic Transmission
TR-030ADSL EMS to NMS Functional Requirements2000/02Operations & Network Management
TR-029ADSL Dynamic Interop Testing2000/02Metallic Transmission
TR-028CMIP Specification for ADSL Network Element Mgmt1999/05Operations & Network Management
TR-027SNMP-based ADSL LINE MIB1999/09Operations & Network Management
TR-026T1.413 Issue 2, ATM-based ADSL ICS1999/09Metallic Transmission
TR-025Core Network Architecture for Access to Legacy Data Network over ADSL1999/09ATM End-to-End
TR-024DMT Line Code Specific MIB1999/06Operations & Network Management
TR-023Overview of ADSL Testing1999/05Metallic Transmission
TR-022The Operation of ADSL-based Networks1999/08Operations & Network Management
TR-021ADSL Forum Recommendation for ATM layer of ADSLs1998/12All
TR-020ADSL Forum Recommendation for Physical Layer of ADSLs without a Splitter1998/12All
TR-019ADSL Forum Recommendation for Physical Layer of ADSLs with a Splitter1998/12All
TR-018References and Requirements for CPE Architectures for Data Access1999/03ATM End-to-End
TR-015CAP Line Code Specific MIB1999/02Operations & Network Management
TR-013Interface & Configurations for ADSL: Central Office1999/01CPE & CO
TR-012Broadband Service Architecture for Access to Legacy Data Networks over ADSL ("PPP over ATM")1998/06ATM End-to-End
TR-011An End-to-End Packet Mode Architecture with Tunneling and Service Selection1998/06Packet Mode
TR-010Requirements and Reference Models for ADSL Access Networks: The "SNAG" Document1998/06SNAG
TR-009Channelization for DMT and CAP ADSL Line Codes: Packet Mode1998/03Packet Mode
TR-008Default VPI/VCI addresses for FUNI Mode Transport: Packet Mode1998/03Packet Mode
TR-007Interfaces and System Configurations for ADSL: Customer Premises1998/03Customer Premises
TR-005ADSL Network Element Mgmt1998/03Operations & Network Management
TR-004Network Migration1997/12Operations & Network Management
TR-003Framing and Encapsulation Standards for ADSL: Packet Mode1997/06Packet Mode
TR-001ADSL Forum System Reference Model1996/05End to End Architecture

Abstract Test Plans

TRTitleApproval Year/MonthWorking Area
ATP-247 Issue 3GPON & XG-PON1 ONU Conformance Abstract Test Plan2014/05Fiber Access Network
ATP-247 Issue 2GPON ONU Conformance Abstract Test Plan2013/04Fiber Access Network
ATP-069TR-069 Abstract Test Plan2013/02BroadbandHome
ATP-069 Issue 2TR-069 Abstract Test Plan2017/01Broadband User Services
ATP-069 Issue 2 Corrigendum 1TR-069 Abstract Test Plan2017/05Broadband User Services Certification Abstract Test Plan2017/07Physical Layer Transmission

Retired Technical Reports

TR #TitleApproval Date>Work AreaSuperseded By
ADSL Interoperability Test PlanApril 2002Metallic TransmissionTR-067
LAN-Side DSL CPE Configuration SpecificationMay 2004BroadbandHomeTR-064 Corrigendum 1
CPE WAN Mgmt ProtocolMay 2004BroadbandHomeTR-069 Amendment 1
Migration to Ethernet Based DSL AggregationApril 2006End to End ArchitectureTR-101 Issue 2
Applying TR-069 to Remote Management of Home Networking DevicesDecember 2005BroadbandHome 
DSLHomeTM TR-064 Extensions for Service DifferentiationSeptember 2005BroadbandHomeTR-133 Corrigendum 1
Broadband Policy Control Framework (BPCF)July 2012End to End ArchitectureTR-134 Corrigendum 1
Using GPON Access in the context of TR-101December 2008End to End ArchitectureTR-156 Issue 2
GPON-fed TR-101 Ethernet Access NodeFebruary 2010End to End ArchitectureTR-167 Issue 2
Using EPON in the Context of TR-101February 2011Fiber Access NetworkTR-200 Corrigendum 1